(April 19th 2013)

The Hero's Shade Theory

Blog: The Hero's Shade Theory

So here's the thing about video game theories; not a lot of people are receptacle if it means their main character died a lonely death shortly after his last cannon appearance in 2 games. At the time of writing, the hero's shade theory makes a lot of sense and is kind of ingenious in my opinion. After Link finished things up in Ocarina of Time he went into the Lost Woods looking for someone to tell him to listen. He got tangled up in Termina in the events of Majora's Mask and afterwards he got spat back out again into the Lost woods. The hero's shade in twilight princess looks like a stalfos version of Link, Link wonders around the Lost Woods without a fairy, and if you go around the Lost Woods without a fairy you become a stalfos. You dig? Obviously this is just a theory because it's only presumed that Link is in the Lost Woods and it's never specifically stated but, come on, as far as fan theories goes it's pretty rock solid. In conclusion maybe Link was looking for Navi in the Found Forest. Who knows?

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