(April 5th 2013)


Blog: Navi

So full disclosure, I never owned an N64 and my first exposure to Ocarina of Time was the re-release on the 3DS. So now that we've established that I was late to the franchise's arguably most popular title and that I'm therefore not a true, honest fan of the Zelda multiverse, I can get to my main point. Navi is fucking annoying. Mind breaking and mould blowing I know but, hear me out. In the 3DS upgrade they evidently took fan reception on board because the water temple is significantly more playable... it's still hard and not that fun but it is, at the very least, more playable now. The main issue with the original console release, from what I hear, is that the stage demanded you to frequently take the iron boots on and off, which requires you to navigate a menu screen every time you want to do so. The 3DS release obviously utilizes two screens and allows you assign more gear/weapons to buttons so taking the boots off and on stops being an issue. In conclusion would it have really broken their hearts to put a mute button Navi? They tried to correct one mistake and we salute them for it so why not take out the thing that frequently talks over an otherwise beautiful score.

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