An image of Chris Cosentino

Chris Cosentino

is a Writer, Animator, “Illustrator” (those inverted commas still don’t feel nearly big enough), Comedian, and sometimes Actor with a penchant for talking about himself in the third person. He's made a multitude of short films and animations which can be found below. He currently lives in the UK with his breathtaking partner. To the left is a photo of me... him... Chris- whatever it's a drawing anyway.

Also I need to verify my username to post on r/Funny so, yeah... Cosentino by surename, Cosentino by username on Reddit. My username on Reddit is Cosentino please let me post again.


Yum Yum

This is an 8 page comic I made about a couple with a giant, destructive, abomination/pet called Yum Yum. Click here to enjoy (in theory).

Space Prince

Here’s a part animated, part tokusatsu pilot about an alien prince/weeabo who defends earth from his home planet. Don’t click here, click here instead.

Smoke Break

Here’s another mixed media short. It’s about a little illustrated man who goes on a little live action quest. Click here, or here, or here, or here.

Meet Cute

Noticing a bit of a trend here: a mixed media short I made with Rural Media and Maverick TV for Channel 4’s First Acts. It’s about a meet cute that goes awry. Click hear.

Clear Sky

This is an animated short I made for the 2015 film northants festival which won Judge’s Choice. It’s about a boy who accidentally plucks the moon out of the sky. Click there to watch it.

The Stranger

This is a split narrative horror comedy that we made with Rural Media: A man wakes up with amnesia in a house filled with cultists. What happens next is up to you. Watch/play it here.


This is a live action short we made about a mugging that takes a strange turn. I’m completely out of “cute” or “clever” shit to do with the here thing so, click here to watch it.