Chris Cosentino is a 3D Generalist, Writer, Animator, Illustrator, and sometimes Actor, with a penchant for talking about himself in the third person.

He’s made a multitude of short form content for a variety of mediums (some of which can be viewed in the Socials tab (press back and click on the phone (hey, brackets within brackets: neat!)))

He currently lives in the UK with his breathtaking partner and in his free time he enjoys TCG’s, watching cartoons, and electrocuting patchwork corpses in his laboratory so that he might one day create new life and elevate mankind into Godhood (only kidding: he has no free time, for he is an animator).

Inexplicably still wanna work with me or just fancy a chat? Here’s my work email:

  instagram BlackAndWhiteComicDotCom
  linkedin in/cpcosentino
  YouTube @BlackAndWhiteComicDotCom


Northants 2023 Bonfire Night Film link

I did the illustration style 3D characters (in Blender surprise surprise) for Northampton Council and Northants Film Festival for their 2023 Bonfire Night Event.

RUNAWAY (3D Animated Short)

Run Away link

A 3D short I wrote, directed, and animated in Blender about a kid trying to run away from home who runs into... complications...


Northants Film Festival 2023

Didn’t do a lot on this cool film project but I DID make and composite the Radio Tower at around the 5 minute mark (I also play the guy sneaking food into the cinema).

ANTHROPOPHOBIC (3D Animation to Music)


Commission I made for Red Fish & The Crazy Gang about a spider who’s afraid of humans.


Book Flicks TikToks

A playlist of the 4 Tik Toks I animated for Rural Media and the Hay Festival. I animated exerts from Adrian Mole, Brother in the Land, House of Leaves, and Manga Theory in Practice.

HENSHIN (2D Live Action Short)


A live Action short I wrote, acted in, and made the costume for (well, I made my costume and purchased a mask and cape for the other guy. Also I already had a jump suit for some reason? Oh, and I guess I should also specify I didn’t make any of the street clothes. So basically what I’m saying is: I made a mask and glued sun glasses lenses over the eyes).


The Daemon Tools Inside

A live action film I wrote and acted in about a guy getting help from his friend with his computer problems… via a demonic ritual (I also made the little CD in the eye practical effect).

SPACE PRINCE (2D Animation / Live Action Mixed Media Pilot)

Space Prince

A mixed Media Pilot I made with Jet Boy Productions about an Alien Prince who defends earth from his invading home world because he falls in love… with Anime and Manga. Also theres some wrestling and Tokustatsu nonsense: it’s pretty fun.

SMOKE BREAK (2D Animation / Live Action Mixed Media Short)

Smoke Break

A mixed Media short I animated and devised along with Jet Boy Productions. It’s about a little cartoon man who wants a smoke and has to go out for a lighter. I’m not saying it’s Citizen Cane but, it’s fun enough (also Citizen Cane already exists so, how could it possibly be Citizen Cane anyway?)

MEET CUTE (2D Animation / Live Action Mixed Media Short)

Meet Cute

A mixed Media short I wrote and animated for Channel 4’s Random Acts: First Acts. This was made in collaboration with Rural Media and Maverick TV. It;’s about a conspiracy nut who meets a girl but, due to the contrived nature of their meeting, obsesses over it until reality around them starts to break.

CLEAR SKY (2D Animated Short)

Clear Sky

A 2D short I wrote and animated about a boy who can’t bring himself to make a romantic advance on a girl he likes so, he finds another way to express his feelings.